Get Ready for RELAUNCH! MC Addons Manager IS coming back!

MCAMe Relaunch Trailer!

From the developers

Osaxely and Chronicoverride

We believe players around the world should have safe and EASY access to download and share their own Minecraft Mods, Worlds, Skins and more, on all devices.


When you purchase a device, you should have the freedom to do whatever you wish with that device. Whether that be installing custom software, or even dismantling and modifying the hardware. It is the right of the consumer to do as they please with their devices.
Sony, Nintendo, and now Microsoft have stripped players of this freedom on consoles.


Developing on UWP has been my first and most treacherous adventure in my development career. On one hand, the tools provided are powerful but on the other hand, the limitations imposed by Microsoft do not allow developers to have access to basic capabilities that are crucial to most app’s basic functions!
I have learned through trial and error how to make things work within the new limitations Microsoft has set, but it has been time consuming, challenging, and detrimental to the overall Minecraft Community.
I want to help bring changes to the Xbox ecosystem to allow all developers access to all of the basic capabilities that we need to share our creations with the world.
I believe in a free and fair addon community that should have the easiest access possible to share and download their creations.
Minecraft is not only better together, but also better when players are able to share their creations with the world in a safe, free, and easy way.
MC Addons Manager Extended Official Logo

MC Addons Manager Extended was removed from the Microsoft Store in the Fall of 2021 due to a sudden modification of the Microsoft Store rules, which removed the ability for apps to access the Xbox file system. Click the button below to go to our petition and get the full details, be sure to sign it please!

Currently at this stage, we are waiting for Microsoft to verify our new developer account so that we can publish the app into the Microsoft Store and release it to the public once again. The app is ready for release on PC and Xbox. Once we have a release date it will be publicly announced in our Discord Server first! Be sure to join to stay tuned on the latest news! Check out the images below to get your first glimpse at the new app!

New Xbox Dashboard
New Importation Screen with Live Status and Progress Percentage
New Settings Page

There will be 2 versions of the app when we relaunch. The FREE Edition will be the same app that everyone knows and loves. We have not removed or limited any of the original functions of the app. However, we are introducing some new features as part of our new Premium Subscription. This will be a monthly recurring charge (The price is yet to be determined). It will grant you access to our new Skin Pack Creator Tool, and the Music Pack Creator Tool! Easily upload skin png files and create skin packs directly in the app on Xbox or PC and then import them directly into the game! Ever want to add your own custom music to the game or rick roll your friends? With the Music Pack Creator tool, you can do that and more!

Pack Editor Dashboard
Skin Pack Creator Tool
Music Pack Creator Tool

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