Quest for The Keepers

Quest for the Keepers is a free Minecraft Escape Room Series for Bedrock Edition. It follows the story of Kronicle and The Keepers and they travel through different Realms to reach their own individual end games. You will have to solve various different puzzles, jump across multiple different parkour courses, and read all of the journals to put the riddles together. Do you have what it takes to uncover the secrets on your quest for the Keepers?

Quest for The Keepers Map 4: Ravine of Revenge

1-2 Players

After completing his Keeper Trials, Trilynx returned back to the City of Gold briefly, packed some things and then left the city abandoned. A tribe of villagers moved in and have not been able to figure out the mysteries Trilynx left behind. Who is Trilynx? Where did he come from? What happened to him, and where is he now? Find out in Ravine of Revenge!

Quest for The Keepers Map 3: Command Block Carnival

1-4 Players

Grandier, the Keeper of Command Block Carnival has renovated his lab and took up the mantle after his Guardian, Drexel, passed away. He renovated the carnival into the Command Block Carnival! The Carnival features 11 rides, and 5 Minigames and a shopping area. Kronicle has rented out the Carnival to Host the Annual Keeper Trials to welcome any new potential Keepers. Your day has come and it is time for your very own Keeper Trial. Do you have what it takes to uncover the secrets of the Carnival and become a Keeper yourself?

Quest for The Keepers Map 2: Flame of The Ancients

1-4 Players

Benthor, the Keeper of Flame of The Ancients has been awaiting your arrival. He has renovated the Red Realm with puzzles you could not even imagine. This map features brain games, parkour, animations, and more. Will you uncover the secrets of the Volcano and help Benthor, or will you ruin his plans?

Quest for The Keepers Map 1: The Heart of The Sea

1-4 Players

Monima, the Keeper of The Heart of The Sea has renovated the Blue Realm with all kinds of puzzles. Follow her story as she set up the place with her Mother and Kronicle watching closely over her. Do you have what it takes to escape The Heart of the Sea?

Quest for The Keepers Prequel: Cabin in The Woods

1-4 Players

Welcome home. Play as Danny, Alfred's son. You start out at the campsite. When you return home your family is gone, but there is a note on the front door from Alfred. Once inside the Cabin there are an array of different Brain Games, Parkour, and Riddles for you to solve. Will you figure out Alfred's secrets and save your family before he comes home?